Suppliers of Japanese
and European Truck Parts

About Us

EuroJap Truck Parts was formed in February 2012 officially but has been trading as a CC since 2011. It is a family owned small business with aspirations to become a major player in the truck spares market. Due to the small size, we afford our clients a personal experience with excellent customer service and turnaround times. The company owners are professionals in the Engineering, Motoring and Truck spares industry and understand the quality of product all too well. EuroJap Truck Parts is BBBEE rated and VAT registered.

We envision ourselves as becoming the leading supplier of new and used truck parts to insurance, large fleet, resellers and coach works industries. EuroJap aims to add a level of professionalism seldom seen in the competitive and often cutthroat retail industry. We have registered with and strive to provide an honest service to players in the industry. EuroJap Truck Parts currently operate out of premises in Okavango Park (near Penny Pinchers) and is owner managed and always willing to go the extra mile to exceed customer expectations. We offer an assessment service should you require a quote to be done on a vehicle that needs repair.

We are competitively priced, providing the highest quality OEM spec alternative and second-hand parts. We will strive to get you parts we don't stock at great prices, due to our network and the fact that we want to expand our market share and brand name. The stock that we carry has been personally assessed in the countries of origin by the owners to ensure that only the best quality parts have been brought in. As direct importers of parts, you can be assured the best prices and quality. We want our parts to fit your vehicles like the way they came from the factory with the least amount of effort. In this regard, we welcome all feedback.

For the future we will also be looking at social initiatives to bolster our brand name to be identified with players who subscribe to the principle of the triple bottom line. Our clients presently include some of the largest truck coach works, insurance and large fleets. We are expanding our client base and would like YOU to be part of our network. Please don't hesitate to contact us should you have any queries. Thanking you for your valued support.

-The Management Team-